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   Linhai City Jiuda Rubber Track Co.,LTD. was founded in 2005 is a company which can Independent research and developmentproduction and sales of construction machinery rubber tracks,damping rubber pads,rubber pads It。s Located in the historic cultural city-LinhaiProducts are widely used in excavator, pave, milling planet road roller, pile driver,etc. Accumulated over 10 years of production technology and experience,our products have good tear resistance,anti-agingHigh tensile strengthHigh wear resistance,good damping effect At presentour products Large export to EuropeAmericasoutheast AsiaJapan and other countries

              Our Management Concept: Quality Opens up the Future

We moved to new factory in early 2016draw Lessons from excellent enterpriseestablished a thorough quality management systemand set up research &development department

1.5S managementraw materialssemifinished products and finished productsproduction machinery ,molds, instrumentstransportations all have independent areaand have nameplate

2.The quality management filesaccording to the actual situation of the factory, formulate the inspection items and  standards of all procedures We passed ISO9001 audit this year, also participated in the rubber tracks national standards

3Quality supervisionequipped with professional and experienced QCEstablish quality supervision systemSupervision and guidance from raw material inspection each procedure and finished goods inspection and records

4.Set up excellent research& development department High investment on research and development design welt selling product.

Linhai Jiuda rubber factory committed to high quality products and research innovation ability to win the market, create better future!

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